In light of recent conversations I’ve had on top of internal conflict about the issue I have decided to drop the word “Thug” from my performance moniker. I may have had good intent as well as my own personal connections to why I used the word in the first place, but I feel that the political and social context out weigh these ideas. I cannot ignore the power of the word within my own work and how it may be alienating or have had a negative effect on people. I want to be an ally and supporter of marginalized communities that influence me, co-opting and distorting the use of language actively contradicts this intent. I appreciate the conversations I have had surrounding this, those for and against it. I believe electronic music is inherently political and by having these discussions we are keeping it within that realm. While it has taken me some time to come to this conclusion I appreciate everyone who has supported me up until this point and everyone who has pushed me to this conclusion. Moving forward all creative output I am involved with will use the moniker Entrancer. Thank you.

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